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How It Works

Emenoo saves you time at the restaurant by suggesting meals customized to you!

Make A Profile

Tell us your taste preferences & dietary restrictions.


Fill out a quick survey about your experience after dining out.

Get Rewards

Earn discounts at restaurants in exchange for your reviews.

Find Your Next Meal

Get custom meal suggestions based on your preferences and reviews.

Consumer Benefits

Emenoo is a must for foodies, couples, and groups of friends.

Save Time

No more reading online reviews, calling restaurants to find allergy menus, or debating what to eat. Just select from our short list of personalized suggestions in seconds!

Discover New Foods

Reviews you leave on our suggestions are used to make Emenoo better at finding what foods you actually will love.

Restaurant Benefits

Emenoo helps businesses learn more about their customers.

Save Time

Restaurants receive consumers' selected meals & dietary restrictions as soon as they arrive. This allows orders to be sent straight to the kitchen, resulting in faster table turns and more time to engage with consumers.

Analyze Menu Performance

Meal-specific reviews provide restaurants with actionable data on what meals perform the best and what consumers like about them.


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Luis Ramirez


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